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Who we are.


We help small businesses communicate the value of their products and services, so they can focus on their day-to-day operations.  You are our top priority.  We will review your goals, discuss your current mindset, productivity and provide you with solutions.


We are committed to your success.  We want to ensure your goals are aligned to establish a long-term engagement during the process.  Hiring an outside consultant can be your most cost-effective approach to future revenue growth.


How we can help.

Your company is unique:  Many of the alternatives for improving sales performance such as standard training and CRM systems offer only a “one size fits all” approach.  For most small companies, this is inadequate as their products and sales organizations are too unique for a “one size fits all” approach to create lasting change.

We can offer a fresh perspective:  In several instances, a neutral third party view of a situation can reveal challenges or opportunities that are not obvious to you and your sales team.  We provide a diagnostic approach and can identify gaps to improve outcomes.

You have a day job:  For most small business owners, diagnosing and providing corrective guidance for the challenges facing your business is a full time job.  You likely do not have time to fulfill the commitments of your day job while also taking on the heavy lifting that is required to improve gross profit results.


Our cost-effective approach:  Your day consists of solving issues that are really important, but you may not necessarily have the resources or manpower to focus on them.  As a small business owner, you need to focus on your day-to-day operations.  And, new projects typically require reprioritizing your staffs core job responsibilities. 


With that said, hiring new employees to fill these gaps doesn't always make sense either.  In cases such as this, hiring an outside consultant, even temporarily is often a more cost-effective option than to hire additional staff.

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We offer a comprehensive marketing program that includes prospecting.  By understanding your market niche, we direct touch points towards potential customers.  We can boost your overall sales success and drive your business' growth.  

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Allow us the opportunity to manage your email marketing program.  We offer an efficient way to ensure that your business can effectively reach your prospects, grow your existing customer base and build your reputation.

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We utilize digital marketing to connect to your audience in the right place at the right time.  Our strategy is to meet your prospects and customers online where they are spending much of their time.  Promote your products and services in a digital platform.



With the popularity of social media on the rise, we have researched how this platform can promote your products and services to potential and existing customers.  We can improve your bottom line by the utilization of social media platforms.



We can help you build creditability with your customers by creating professional content.  We can make your business a reliable resource to your customers and prospects.  Accelerate the buying process and earn higher-qualified leads.

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In todays world, where digital technology has influenced how we live and work, it is shocking to know that only 46% of small business owners have a website.  We can create a website to help share your story and tell your audience who you are.

We Enhance the Visibility and Profitability of our Clients.



Specific, measurable objectives to be accomplished in the first 90 days.



Specific, reachable segments of prospects with similar needs, interests, motivations, demographics and locations.



Strategies that will attract the specific people or organizations you're trying to reach with a compelling message that meets their needs.



Reach prospects via email and through social media. What's unique about your products or services that will connect with people? What messages will be persuasive?



Specify the activities that will be performed, daily, monthly or quarterly to achieve your goals. What time and day of the week is most effective?



How will we track results? How will we compare the effectiveness of each tactic? Calculate time, money and number of contacts it will take to obtain each prospect.


Keep your focus on
driving results.

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Let's work together.
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